If you somehow don’t know Bigfoot, otherwise known as Sasquatch, it’s supposedly a half-man, half-ape like creature some believe exist and most dismiss as a made-up legend.

Well one of those true believers in Bigfoot is now taking the government of B.C. to court for damaging his credibility and for not saying that Bigfoot could exist.

No this is not a satirical article, this is real. Here’s all the amazing details. 

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Todd Standing is a tracker and documentarian, who a decade ago went into the B.C. woods to prove Bigfoot did NOT exist.

Whatever he saw in the forest obviously changed his mind though as ever since he’s been working to prove the existence of the creature.

Last year, he filed a civil lawsuit in the B.C. Supreme Court saying the government was guilty of “dereliction of duty” by not accepting any evidence that he or others had put forward in attempt to prove the existence of the Sasquatch.

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The case is actually going forward and Standing is set to present evidence that bigfoot actually exists in court.

“If this was a murder trial, I would just annihilate it,” Standing said completely confident that he will win.

He will also be presenting evidence from police officers, nurses, engineers, doctors and fishery officers. 

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He says that he has no physical evidence of Bigfoot but that he’s filmed the creature many times including for a documentary he made in 2017 called Discovering Bigfoot

You can actually see the full documentry below if you'd like to.  

The B.C. department of Fish and Wildlife are unimpressed with his work and have denied his credibility ever since Standing appeared with evidence of bigfoot.

If he is successful in court Standing hopes to force the province into helping him look for the creature.

Source: CTV