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A Canadian Man Spread A Hilarious Fake Story About A Beer Thief And Now It's A Local Urban Legend

CBC cracked the news on a fake story that has been spreading like wildfire throughout Nova Scotia - and the whole thing is hilarious! Nova Scotians fully believe that there is a beer thief on the loose in their town, Cape Breton. Here's what happened.

It all started with a Facebook post back last fall. A man named Ronnie Talbot posted a plea on Facebook claiming that a man, now known as "Terry from the Pier", stole a case of beer from his truck while he was inside of a Tim Hortons. Can we just take a second to laugh at how Canadian this story already is?


He goes on to explain that a worker from Tim Hortons identified the guy as "Terry from the Pier" after he claimed that "A man and his friend stole a 24 [pack] out of the bed of his truck while he was taking a piss in Tim's". You can't make this stuff up. 

The story quickly spread across the town as everyone was trying to find this mysterious beer thief. There was even a crowdfunding campaign to replace the "24 of Keith's" that Talbot had lost. It was said to have raised over $400 dollars!

Via Facebook

The story gained so much exposure that a local band Pretty Archie even wrote a song about the whole ordeal. The video they posted on Facebook has almost 200,000 views. 

CBC went to Cape Breton to look into the obviously fake story. They went to the city and even to the Tim Horton's and found zero truth to the story. No one was able to ever identify a "Ronnie Talbot" or "Terry from the Pier". They even tracked down the author of the infamous FB post and he admitted it was a fake!

Nonetheless, CBC interviewed citizens from Cape Breton and many still believe that Terry is lurking around town and stealing people's beer.

Source: CBC News