This Is What A Truly Canadian Car Wash Looks Like In The Rocky Mountains (VIDEO)

It's so a-moose-ing.
A Canadian Moose Car Wash In The Rocky Mountains (VIDEO)
Associate Producer

Imagine you’re driving through one of the most beautiful places in North America and suddenly you get a fluffy surprise. This Albertan was treated to a Canadian moose car wash when he was unexpectedly stopped on the road. 

While this video dates back to October 2019, this uniquely True North experience is just too good not to share.    

Corey Brookes was driving through the Canadian Rockies when a large moose approached his car.  

To his surprise, it started to lick the vehicle.  

So of course, the man whipped out his phone to film this adorable moment.  

He said that "the snow came a little bit early and I guess it enjoyed the road salt. We are actually very grateful because the car really needed it!"   

Apparently, the big guy likes salty snacks and runs a five-star car wash service.  

How a-moose-ing.

Special thanks to camilin_in_canada for this video.

Jade Woo-Giroux
Associate Producer