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A Canadian SCPA Worker Has Been Charged For Abusing A Dog And The Details Are Horrific

The woman has been suspended from the SPCA
A Canadian SCPA Worker Has Been Charged For Abusing A Dog And The Details Are Horrific

If you choose to work at an animal shelter, it goes without saying that one of the most basic requirements of the job is to love animals and treat them well. But, one Canadian woman working for an SPCA shelter in Fort McMurray, Alberta was allegedly caught doing exactly what the SCPA works hard to protect the animals them from - abusing them.

She’s been charged after she was seen brutally attacking a dog. Be advised that the details of the abuse are very difficult and painful to read.

The incident was first reported in the middle of last month when people say the saw the woman strike a dog at the shelter over, and over again with her closed fist.

She also allegedly lifted the dog off the ground by the leash, practically choking the animal, according to at least one person who witnessed the incident. 

An investigation into the woman and her treatment of the animals at the shelter was launched right away. The RCMP have concluded they have enough evidence to charge the 27-year-old woman with causing unnecessary suffering to the dog.

She has been suspended from her position at the shelter pending the outcome of the case. 

"The Fort McMurray SPCA, our board of directors, my staff and I take our commitment to the excellent and professional care of the animals in our facility extremely seriously," said the Executive Director of the shelter, Arianna Johnson, in a statement.

The woman will appear in provincial court on December 5th, 2018.


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