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A Canadian Teenager Was Attacked By Another Man Just For Working Out At A Montreal Gym (Video)

There's this crazy activity called deadlifting which is basically picking up insanely heavy weights, holding them for a moment, and then slamming them down. Why anyone would do this for fun is beyond me but there seems to be a sense of pride associated with the workout.

One Montreal teen was recently filming himself deadlifting at a local gym called Buzz Fit when he was attacked by another man at the gym. Since he had been recording his workout he managed to catch the entire thing on camera.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the boy's coach and competitive powerlifter, Pete Rubish. In the video, you can see the teenager minding his own business lifting weights when another man comes all the way from some other part of the gym, coming around a corner before entering the area where the teen is.

He then walks over to the teen and proceeds to kick him in the balls while he is mid-lift, which is dangerous for everybody involved, and then begins yelling at him before eventually shoving him into the wall. He did all this because he thought the teen's deadlifts were too loud.

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It is a fact that deadlifting gets pretty loud, given that people are pretty much slamming hundreds of pounds of weight onto the ground. According to Rubish's description of the video, the boy had previously been approached by the staff at the gym for that same issue and was told to put mats under the weights, which he apparently did since you can see them in the video.

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It is not certain whether the teen is seeking to press charges against his attacker, but comments on the youtube video suggest that he is taking the man to court. Rubish has also confirmed in the comments that he and his client are looking for a new gym.