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A Drunk Guy Went Full Grinch & Stole Christmas Trees In Manitoba

Police followed the trail of trees to find him.
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A Christmas Tree Thief In Manitoba Was Basically The Grinch

Watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a staple during the holiday season but it seems like Canada is getting a taste of the story in real life. A Christmas tree thief in Manitoba was in full Grinch mode when he stole a bunch of trees. But if you've ever watched the movie, you know that the classic Dr. Seuss villain doesn't stay Grinch-y and that's exactly what happened in Manitoba.

On December 8, police in Brandon, Manitoba received a report at about 9:30 p.m. that someone had stolen from a business.

It turns out that a drunk man stole almost a dozen ornamental Christmas trees from the outdoor display at a grocery store in true Grinch fashion.

According to the CBC, the Christmas trees that were stolen were tabletop-sized ones.

He stuffed the trees and ornaments into a shopping cart and was on his way. 

But the most hilarious part of this story is that the man who stole the trees was the one responsible for him being found by police.

He left a trail of holiday clues to his location where police arrested him.

"I believe he was sort of getting rid of them as he went," said Sgt. Kirby Sararas to The Canadian Press. "I don’t know what his intentions were."

After stealing the trees, the 33-year-old man then went along and left them on various properties nearby, which is how police found him.

"On the surface, it does look like he was being generous and sharing them with everybody," said Sararas.

Police arrested the man after they followed the trail he left and then kept him at Brandon Correctional Centre because of how drunk he was.


He was charged with theft under $5,000 and will appear in court on January 27, 2020. 

All the trees were retrieved and then returned to the business they were stolen from.

It turns out that this Christmas, Brandon, Manitoba is now the new Whoville. 

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