We all love Costco for their free samples and the freezing produce room. It has given us detergent that can last us three years and shampoo that seems like it never runs out. Costcos are popping up all over the state of Georgia and the town of Sharpsburg is finally getting one. 

This new Costco will be located at Fischer’s Crossing. They are actually building this location right across from a Sam's and there is definitely going to be a little competition. It is going to be 156,805 square feet, and there will be people in every square foot on opening day. 

August 22 is the big day for folks in this town. It is the day this new Costco will be opening their doors and welcoming in thousands of people every day. 

The closest location to this town right now is in Morrow. Morrow is located northeast of Coweta County, where Sharpsburg is located. It is about 30 minutes away, but you have to cross through the heart of Atlanta and the airport to get there.

With cold groceries in the car and after a full day of shopping, the last thing that these residents want to do is sit in Atlanta traffic for hours. This Costco will be right down the road and easily accessible to those who live in town. 

On July 30, the new establishment will be holding a hiring event for part-time Product Demonstrators. This will go until Aug. 1, each day starting at 9 a.m. They are looking to hire 80 people on the spot. You go in, interview and then hopefully leave with a new job. 

Fischer Crossing is very bare at the moment, besides for this new development. Right now, Jim 'N Nick's BBQ will be featured in this area, along with other tenants that are still pending. Expect this area in Sharpsburg to be booming in the next few months.