If you’re looking for a pick-me-up this week, Justin Trudeau has got your back. Taking to Twitter on Monday, the Prime Minister shared some motivational and inspirational stories from across Canada, starting a thread of COVID-19 good news. During these challenging times, it seems Canadians are definitely stepping up.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to be diagnosed across the country, Canadians have been going above-and-beyond to spread positivity and show solidarity in their communities.

To acknowledge this spirit, the Prime Minister took to Twitter on Monday to share some motivational stories from across the country, and the thread he created was pretty heartwarming!

"There’s no doubt these are tough times," he wrote, "But so many of you right across the country are stepping up to help your neighbours and even complete strangers."

He noted that there were way too many examples of Canadian kindness to include them all, but went on to share a number of stories that he hoped would be strong “Monday motivation” for everybody.

Drawing attention to the "caremongering" trend in Canada, Trudeau added, "We’re only going to get through this by pulling together - and that’s exactly what many of you have been doing from the beginning."

He went on to acknowledge a Calgary cafe that used their last supply delivery to make meals for people in need, as well as a Quadra Island online community that is making and delivering homemade meals, picking up prescriptions, and doing essential shopping for at-risk Canadians.

Trudeau also gave a shout out to Edmonton, where a group of 100 volunteers have been delivering groceries and supplies to hundreds of people that are in isolation.

Medical students at the University of Toronto also got a pat on the back for their commitment to assisting healthcare workers by babysitting, running errands, and stocking-up groceries for them.

Finally, he praised communities all across Newfoundland and Labrador, where residents have been putting teddy bears in their gardens and windows to create a bear hunt for children out walking and exercising.

“In this challenging time, there’s nothing wrong with a little levity,” Trudeau added.

Since the outbreak of the disease in Canada, Canucks have been coming up with unique and innovative ways to stay positive and contribute to the fight against the disease.

While local businesses have started producing essential health care materials, and Canadian celebrities have promised funds to help those in need, the public has also come together to lift each other's spirits during the pandemic.

As locals applaud health care workers every night, and hang out the Canada flag in solidarity, it seems there’s no end to Canadian kindness.

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