Ontario Family’s Coronavirus Sculpture Is The 2020 Version Of A Snowman (VIDEO)

Snow sculptures, but pandemic-style.
A COVID-19 Snow Sculpture Was Erected On Someone's Front Lawn This Weekend

Who would've expected to see snow in May, particularly enough to be able to make an entire very topical snow sculpture? Well, one Ontario mother and son duo decided to get creative on May 8 and form a huge COVID-19 snow sculpture. Their lighthearted take on the pandemic was captured on video and it's arguably a nutshell look at 2020 in the province so far.

Families have been spending most of their time indoors over the last few weeks.

In one area of Ontario, because of the recent heavy snow over the last few days, one family turned a random May winter blast into something much more than simply unseasonable weather.

"Sign of the times: After record-breaking snowfall in Sudbury, Ontario this past weekend, a woman and her son sculpted a giant coronavirus on their front lawn," reads a message shared by The Weather Network along with a video.

In the time-lapse footage, the mother-and-son team can be seen shovelling up the snow on their front lawn and making a huge pile.

They shape and chisel the white stuff into a circle and even use a sand bucket to form the ball into a fully-shaped virus molecule.

We're not necessarily sure we'd want it on our own front lawn, but it's certainly the most 2020 snow sculpture we've seen so far.

If anything, maybe seeing Coronavirus on your front lawn will make you less likely to leave your house.

While Sudbury was getting enough snow for this kind of fun, Ontario's cottage country got completely blanketed in the stuff this weekend and it looks more like a typical January storm than that of May.

In fact, so much snow fell that it broke records for the spring month and left the majority of the province covered in snow.

And this isn't the first time an Ontario resident has gone above and beyond to make a really amazing snow masterpiece on bad-weather days.

A man from Waterloo decided to make an ode to Toronto Raptors Pascal Siakam and create a snow model of the NBA champion back in January.

We've definitely seen our fair share of remarkable things people have done with the snow.

But what if you want to get rid of it?

One GTA resident notoriously took matters into his own hands a while back and decided to pull out his flamethrower and melt the fluffy white stuff from his driveway.

Although it didn't work, that's one particularly dramatic way to (try) to get rid of it all.

As for this creative duo, who knows how long the snow-Coronavirus will last on their front lawn?

If only flattening the curve was as simple as melting snow.