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A Definitive Ranking Of All The Times That Donald Trump Threw Shade At Canada

President Trump is known for many things - his controversial decisions, his spray tan, and his angry Twitter rants just to name a few.  He's also known to make some pretty shady comments about other countries - even Canada.

As Canadians, we can't help but take the comments personally. Trump has dissed us about everything from our healthcare system to our "spoiled" attitude.

Here are all of Donald Trump's rudest remarks about Canada, ranked in order from least to most likely to make you want to send him an angry tweet.

5. "We lose with Canada - big-league. Tremendous, tremendous trade deficits with Canada."

Via Americanspirit

In a speech about trade deals with other country, Trump had this to say - "I like free trade, but free trade is not free trade, it's dump trade because we lose with China, we lose with Mexico, we lose with Japan and Vietnam and every singly country that we deal with."

That's when he singled out Canada, saying that trading with us is a "tremendous, big-league" loss for America. "We lose a lot with Canada. People don't know it. Canada is very smooth. They have you believe that it's wonderful. And it is. For them. Not wonderful for us," Trump said.

4. "Canada does not treat us right."

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Earlier this year, President Trump claimed that countries around the world have taken advantage of the US for way too long, Canada included. "Canada does not treat us right in terms of the farming and the crossing the borders."

He also claimed that the way Canada treats American farmers is a "disgrace," and even threatened us about it. "We will not stand for this," he tweeted, "Watch!"

3.  "Canada's healthcare system is catastrophic."

During his presidential campaign in 2016, Trump banished the idea of ever having a universal healthcare system in America. "Canada's [health care] system is so slow," he said during his debate, "It's catastrophic in certain ways."

Actually we're doing just fine, but thanks so much for your concern, Donald!

2. He lied to Justin Trudeau's face, and found it very amusing.

In front of an audience, Trump admitted that he told made-up information to Justin Trudeau about Canada's trade deficit with the US. He did call Trudeau a "nice" and "good looking" guy, but seemed to brag about making him look stupid.

In Trump's story, Trudeau claimed that Canada had no trade deficit, to which Trump replied, "Wrong Justin, you do." Later in his story, Trump admitted that Canada does not have a trade deficit - clearly, he was just messing with Trudeau for the fun of it.

1. "Canada has been very difficult to deal with. They're very spoiled."

Via Danny Raustadt

Okay, this officially crosses the line! Yesterday, Trump was asked about the ongoing NAFTA negotiations between the US and Canada, and here's what he had to say.

"Canada has been very difficult to deal with," he said, "They have been taking advantage of the United States for a long time. I am not happy with their requests. But I will tell you in the end we win, we will win and we'll win big... They're very spoiled because nobody's done this."

Source: Maclean's