A Definitive Ranking Of Every Netflix Original Boy That The World Lost Their Minds Over This Year

Your favourite streaming boys ranked!
A Definitive Ranking Of Every Netflix Original Boy That The World Lost Their Minds Over This Year

It's no secret that Netflix has seen some massive success in 2018, after distributing arguably some of the best original content they've ever released. The new knockout shows and movies that came out this year took over the entertainment industry to the point where all anyone seemed to be able to talk about were new movies such as To All The Boys I've Loved Before or shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Of course, a Netflix original movie or show isn't a Netflix original if it doesn't include a cute boy in the main cast. Naturally, the new releases that came in 2018 were no different but considering the number of new movies and shows that came out, viewers got a lot more man crushes than they could keep up with. 

So to serve as a little walk down memory lane on all your celebrity crushes of 2018 and list of the Netflix original boys that took over your laptop screen this year, I've ranked them from worst to best. Also, yes, I am here to confirm early on that Noah Centineo is in fact on this list. 

11. Alex from Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove was a story that followed Alex (shocker), a boy struggling with his sexuality throughout high school and naturally, people went crazy over it- even deeming him the new Andrew Garfield. Though since the movie wasn't a mega-hit, Alex never really reached the full potential of Netflix boy stardom. 

10. Noah from The Kissing Booth 

Is this actually that guy from the Chainsmokers? Probably. Jacob Elordi got a Noah-Centineo-sized rise to fame after his role as Noah from The Kissing Booth blew up earlier this year. While the movie itself was, for lack of better word, a dumpster fire, people just seemed to not get enough of Elordi and Joey King's on and off screen chemistry. 

9. Archie from Riverdale

Riverdale has been dominating Netflix ever since it came out, so I'd be wrong to not include a few members on the list- even if the show is trash. Naturally, KJ Apa and his box dyed orange hair and questionable acting skills are here. Though considering how quick he was to blow up on Elijah Daniels who had some criticism for the show, I should probably choose my words wisely. 

8.  Jughead from Riverdale 

Cole Sprouse, of course, is on this list considering Riverdale fans cannot get enough of Jughead. If you're questioning how attractive he is, consider that he somehow still has fans after that "i'm a weirdo" scene, that is the power of good looks. 

7. Noah from When We First Met

I am convinced that Adam Devine is the Vince Vaughn of our generation's romantic comedies. While he may not be as much of a knock out as Noah Centineo or Lorenzo Zuzolo, there is just something about his personality and humour that has left viewers obsessed with him. 

6. David Budd from The Bodyguard 

The Bodyguard took over the United Kingdom when it first came out thanks to it's insanely high paced storyline and crazy twists. Now that it's on Canadian Netflix, it's become just as big of a fan favourite for the same reasons. Though we'd all be lying if we didn't admit that David Budd being played by Richard Madden didn't have a little bit to do with why we're all so obsessed with it. 

5. Ambrose from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Played by Chance Perdomo, Ambrose was easily the most slept on Netflix boy of 2018 and fans were not having it. So much so that they even started a mini-campaign on Twitter to get Sabrina Spellman's cousin some more credit. 

4. Niccolo from Baby 

Niccolo from Baby was one of the first Netflix boys to give Noah Cetineo's long-lasting reign as Netflix's golden boy a bit of a scare. Played by Lorenzo Zuzolo (even his name is cool, dammit), Niccolo easily became every viewer of Baby's favourite character.  

3. Peter from To All The Boys I've Loved Before 

Considering I already deemed Noah Cetineothe worst earlier this year, I feel like I should back up why his role as Peter is in the top three. That reasoning would be a) his movie was the biggest for teen rom coms on Netflix this year and b) my Instagram DMs are going to get slammed with angry girls if he doesn't get at least a top 3 spot. 

2. Joe from You 

While Gossip Girl may be long gone, Penn Badgley is clearly not finished with the television scene and is once again taking it over, but this time in streaming-style, for 2018. While his role as Joe involves him being a serial stalker who becomes obsessed with a woman who visits his bookstore, it's been practically impossible for viewers to do anything but cheer him on. Demented? Very. True? Absolutely. 

1. Bo' from Dumplin 

The best really came last this time considering Dumplin' only got released earlier this month, but it hasn't taken long for Bo' to take over the internet since then. Played by Luke Benward who, like Noah Centineo, was a seasoned Disney child star, dials up the boyish charm factor to the max in this movie and fans just cannot get enough of it.

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