Disney World is undeniably the place where dreams come true. But did you know there's another place by Disney that's just as magical? 

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Tucked away in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas is Castaway Cay, Disney's very own private island. It's a paradise on earth that mixes the tranquility of the tropics with the magic of Disney. White sand beaches, glistening lagoons, water parks, romantic trails and beachside attractions make the island the perfect place for a temporary escape.

There are several areas to explore on the island, and each one is sure to bring the fun:

The Castaway Family Beach is the main gathering spot for soaking up the rays and wading in the waters. Beach-goers will enjoy a variety of water sports, like sailing and kayaking, as well as fun activities on the shore including volleyball, soccer, tetherball and dance parties.

The Snorkeling Lagoon is one of the coolest features of the island. It consists of the Discover Trail and the Explorer Trail, which are both waterways filled with colourful sea life. Snorkellers can follow this path to get a glimpse of the beautiful fish, as well as to find the Mickey Mouse hidden somewhere along the way.

Serenity Bay is an adults-only section where individuals aged 18 and up can unwind with specialty drinks, open-air cabana massages and barbecue delights from the grill bar. The goal of Serenity Bay is simple - to provide the most tranquil  and unforgettable experience for adults.

Other cool points of interest include the Pelican Plunge, a 2,400-square-foot interactive floating platform, the Teen Hideout, which is a space dedicated just for teens, and the In Da Shade Game Pavillion, which is a large, shaded structure for entertainment games.

Throughout your stay, you'll have the chance to meet some of your favourite Disney characters, particularly at the Post Office and the Gazebo. Snap some photos with them so you'll never forget the magic of Castaway Cay!

Those who are interested in visiting Castaway Cay should consider booking a Disney Cruise, as the island is one of the docking sites for certain routes. Visit the Disney Cruise Lines website for more details.

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