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A Doctor Is Warning People Not To Inhale Mouthwash Thinking It Will Prevent COVID

A new study just came out saying that mouthwash kills coronavirus within 30 seconds upon being exposed to it in a laboratory, but one doctor wants to make it clear that this does NOT mean you should take matters into your own hands.

In other words: Do not go out and buy mouthwash. First of all, mouthwash is not something that can be used to treat the virus within the human body — there is absolutely no evidence of this.

With the study being everywhere on the internet today, Dr. Dena Grayson took to Twitter to offer up a very important word of advice: Do not inhale mouthwash thinking it will protect you from COVID-19. 

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The doctor posted the message on Twitter earlier today.

And Dena is not the only doctor pleading with people not to do this.

And furthermore, don't do anything weird with mouthwash — just leave the mouthwash alone.

We repeat: You seriously do not need to go out and buy mouthwash.

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