After a long night of drinking very few of us make good choices. Yet normally, all that means is that we end up at home with a bunch of greasy food to make our hangovers more forgiving. 

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For one Canadian man, the liquid courage led him straight to the local police station to prove a point. Only his plan completely backfired and ultimately ended with him actually being charged.

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Peel Police have confirmed with Global News that the 32-year-old Caledon, Ontario man was drinking at a bar in Mississauga with his friends. After his friends expressed that the man was too drunk to drive, the man decided to prove to his friends that he, in fact, was fine. 

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So what did he do? He drove down to the local police station where he could take an impairment test, of course! 

Yesterday, after consuming alcoholic beverages at a bar, a male drove to 12 Division in #Mississauga to prove to his friends that he was not impaired. Turns out he was. A 32 year-old male from Caledon has since been charged with impaired driving related offences.

August 2, 2018

Upon his arrival at the station, the Caledon man requested that the police administer a breathalyzer test. While he may have been able to get to the station, his test showed that he was one and half times over the legal limit. 

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It looks like his need to prove himself actually just left him with an impaired driving charge. 

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It's important to remember that after drinking you should find a safe ride home without putting others lives in danger. Just like this man, you may feel sober but in reality, you're risking everyone's safety.  

While he may have been one of Canada's simplest criminals, it's only his insurance rate that ended up getting hurt. 

Source: Global News