Calling all spicy food lovers! Are you getting tired of eating at the same spicy restaurants in the city? Or maybe you feel like the spice game in Toronto is only sub par and you're ready to try some serious heat.

If either of these scenarios sounds like you, then we've got an event that will surely leave your mouth burning. 

From September 4 to 7, Toronto will be hosting a free (yes FREE) food festival that caters to all things hot and spicy! This year's Hot & Spicy Festival will explore spicy cuisine from around the globe with a focus on sustainability and how our food choices will affect future generations. 

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International and local celebrity chefs, musicians, artists, and authors will be in attendance to share their favorite dishes and recipes from their own cultures that have been passed down from the previous generations.

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There will also be live, high-energy music and performances to compliment the foods that guests can enjoy. 

So come to the waterfront and explore the diverse world of hot and spicy food, with cuisine from around the world this September.