While the people are away, the sea life will play. Three whale watchers captured beautiful footage of the animals enjoying their natural habitat - sans people. This happy whale was spotted blowing rainbow spouts while swimming off of California's coast.

“We don’t always see this rainbow appear from the breath of the whale, but if we’re at the perfect angle on the right day with our drone, we can capture this rare occurrence,” said Jessica Roame, the marine education program manager at Davey's Locker Whale Watching.

The large Humpback Whale was spotted off the coast of Newport Beach's harbor.

A drone was used to capture the magic and you'll have to see it to believe it. The incredible video footage shows the rainbows forming as the whale breathes through its blowhole creating mist.

"Is there anything more magical than a whale breathing rainbows?? 🌈 We like to call this phenomenon “rain-blows”! When the light catches the exhale of a whale just right you can see a rainbow! *" said Newport Whales

According to the Orange County Register, Roame first saw the video when she was looking through footage compiled by her team, Newport Landing Whale Watching, and Newport Coastal Adventure.

She's also been using the footage to createmini-lessons for students to virtually learn about whales in their local area.

We've never seen anything like it! So how do whales create these breathtaking rainbows? 

When whales breathe through their blowhole, they produce air and mucus. The warm air that comes out mixes with the cold ocean air around it to create water vapor (aka the spout).

But the rainbows appearing are rare. The light has to hit the mist just right.

It's stories like these that make us smile. We love seeing nature thriving in its natural habitat. From the looks of things, that's one happy whale!