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Time to escape Azkaban and go to the coolest beer festival ever. This goes to all the Potterheads and magic believers, and those who love beer. There are nine cities hosting a Harry Potter-themed beer festival this Spring and it will be magical. 

The festival called 'Wizards and Witches Beer Festival' is hosted by Rock Star Beer Festivals and every venue will be transformed into a wizarding world of wonder. You'll be able to find pumpkin, winter, and holiday beers at the Arizona event. And yes, you can wear your Harry Potter-themed scarf and carry your wand. 

You'll have so many types of beers to try, including Butterbeer. Each festival will also have food, photo opportunities, and live music. If you want to be a wizard you have to party like a wizard. 

Of course, this event is 21+ and it only costs $35. The festival runs from March to May and these are the cities hosting all Potterheads: Denver, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Austin. 

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The ticket includes beer tasting of over twenty beers including adult butterscotch beer and each venue will be transformed into Hogwarts Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and the Leaky Cauldron. Some cities will host Dj Dumbledore, Slytherin Sisters, and a photo opportunity with Hagrid. 

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Whatever happens at Hogwarts stays inside the castle. So if you're ready to go to the festival make sure you get on the Hogwarts Express.