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A Hilarious Harry Potter Parody Show Is Coming To These Canadian Cities

Harry Potter fans you won't want to miss the hilarious Potted Potter which will be touring Canada this year. Potted Potter is the unauthorized Harry Potter parody that condenses all seven Harry Potter books into just 70 minutes!

The live on-stage performance will entertain all, from those who know Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by heart to those who don't know what a Muggle is. Potted Potter promises to make everyone laugh out loud with the funny show that even has a real-life game of Quidditch!

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The entire show is a two-person act with Jefferson Turner and Daniel Clarkson playing all the different characters. Together they play all the fan-favourite characters by wearing ridiculous costumes to portray the plots of the books.

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Potted Potter is touring internationally and has several shows scheduled across Canada. The show will travel to multiple cities in Canada from February 5 till March 24th coming to Calgary (February 5-18 at Arts Commons), Brampton (March 7 at Rose Theatre), Peterborough (March 11-12 at Showplace Performance Center), Ottawa (March 14-16 at Algonquin Theatre) and finally to Oshawa (March 22-24 at Regent Theatre).

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For further information about Potted Potter, or to purchase tickets to the show visit their official website.