A House In A Neighbourhood From 'Love Actually' Is For Sale & To Us It's Perfect (PHOTOS)​

We really hope that someone will hold giant cards in front of it! 🙆❤️

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A House In A Neighbourhood From 'Love Actually' Is For Sale & To Us It's Perfect (PHOTOS)​

Ever wish you could live your life like a romance movie?

The house next door from that scene in Love Actually is now up for sale, and if you buy it, maybe the person of your dreams will come knocking on your door with giant cards to profess their love.

"This architecturally re-imagined house is positioned just next door to the famous pink house where Mark – played by Andrew Lincoln – confesses his love for Keira Knightley's character Juliet,” Chelsea Whelan, a partner at the firm selling the house, said in a news release.

Next door to the nicknamed "Love Actually house," the property is in Notting Hill, a London neighbourhood with cobblestone streets that’ll make you feel like you’re strolling through Victorian England.

The one from the movie is painted pink, but it's the charcoal one that's on sale for a cool £3.25 million (US$4.3 million).

It might not be the actual movie house, but it's the perfect place to take Instagram-worthy photos while living your best Keira Knightley moments.

No Limits Photography | Knight Frank

The interior of the house features an open-concept design, giving the homeowner access to utilize the space however they want.

The main living area features an exposed wooden wall running the length of the house — a motif that can be found in other rooms as well. The ground floor even features a privacy window that can be switched on so nobody can see inside.

Two bedrooms with en-suite washrooms are also on the ground floor.

No Limits Photography | Knight Frank

The basement is the perfect area to entertain your guests or cozy up and watch Love Actually on TV while enjoying the heated floor and LED smart lights.

No Limits Photography | Knight Frank

The master bedroom looks fit for a king, while the en-suite bathroom comes equipped with a standing bathtub that is sure to make you feel like a royal.

If that's wasn't enough, there is also a pair of stairs that leads to a stunning rooftop terrace.

No Limits Photography | Knight Frank

We've saved the best for last. The house has a rooftop garden and terrace that overlook Notting Hill.

The best part? There’s a hot tub to help you de-stress while taking in the view of the mews.

No Limits Photography | Knight Frank

The Love Actually house is a part of cinema history, and you can live right next door to it if you've got a few million dollars on hand.

And even if you don't want to buy it, these houses and the movie it represents are good reminders that "love actually is all around."

"Love Actually" Neighbour

No Limits Photography | Knight Frank

Price: £3,250,000 | CA$5,581,868,58

Address: 27 St. Luke's Mews, London, UK

Description: This open-concept house features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a standing bathtub and a rooftop terrace with a hot tub.

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