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A BC Man Just Got Pranked So Hard With A Fake "Wienermobile" Sale Ad On Kijiji

He woke up to thousands of missed calls. 😂
A "Wienermobile" Sale Prank Just Got This BC Man Thousands Of Missed Calls

If you are one of the thousands of people who showed an interest in buying an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile on Kijiji this week, we have some bad news. You might want to sit down for this. It turns out the Kijiji Wienermobile ad was a prank. Sorry. But before you go to vent your anger at the seller, "Matthew," you should know that he actually happens to be the victem of this wild prank.

"Matthew" is Matt Dennie, a 30-year-old mechanic from Port St. John in British Columbia. 

He has told the Toronto Sun that he, in fact, did not post the Kijiji listing, which read "Wienermobile. 2 available, once in a life time buy. 12000 obo."

Instead, he believes a Facebook troll who he has been in a dispute with got hold of his contact information and made the fake listing under his name.

It gets worse for Dennie. The prankster also managed to find his phone number.

And Dennie apparently woke up to thousands of missed calls from people interested in buying the Wienermobiles.

The Kijiji listing page currently has nearly 300,000 views, and Dennie told the Toronto Sun he had received more than 5,000 inquiries.

The ad told potential buyers that hot dog specialist, Oscar Mayer had commissioned "Matthew" to sell the vehicles after the company in charge of operating them went bankrupt. 

The listing promised that logos would be removed before the vehicle is collected, adding that they were only available to be picked up in Calgary. 

To ensure the maximum disruption to Dennie's life, the ad asked potential buyers to not email, but call his cellphone "ANYTIME" and "ask about the big wiener for sale."

It also specified that the peanut vehicle, which is featured in the photo, is not for sale. 

Unfortunately for Dennie, the ad went viral and was even reported on by news websites. 

Several Twitter users spoke of their interest in the vehicles. 

One said, "Urge to spend money... rising... RISING." Another said simply, "I need this."

One user, Kai Nagata, said they would contribute $100 to a crowdfunding campaign. Another tweeted, "Dare I live the dream?"

Kijiji has experienced its fair share of trouble from disingenuous sellers in the past.

Last year the company stopped the sale of concert tickets on its website after several scams were exposed. The website has also faced issues with rental scams

On this occasion, even Dennie was able to see the funny side. He told the Toronto Sun, "It's an epic prank."