The Liberals & The NDP Will Not Be Ganging Up After All (VIDEO)

Andrew Scheer was wrong.
A Liberal-NDP Coalition Is Definitely Not Going To Happen According To Trudeau

During the final days of the Canadian federal election, the Conservatives began warning Canadians about the potential shortcomings of a Liberal-NDP coalition government. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh had said he would be open to the idea, but Justin Trudeau never committed. In an October 23 press conference, Trudeau confirmed there would be no coalition in Parliament.

While Trudeau told reporters that he would be sitting down with each of the party leaders in order to determine how they could work together, he squashed any idea that his party and the NDP would "gang up" on everyone else, as Conservatives thought they would.

"They will be various and varied conversations," Trudeau said during the press conference, "but I can tell you it is not in our plans at all to form any sort of formal coalition — formal or informal coalition."

During the final days of the election, Jagmeet Singh said that he would "absolutely" consider forming a coalition with the Liberal party to stop Conservatives.

"We’re not going to support a Conservative government,” Singh said on October 13, according to CTV News. "We’re going to fight a Conservative government, we’re going to fight it all the way. We’re ready to do whatever it takes."

However, a day later, Singh said that he is not focusing on forming a coalition. "My focus is not on a coalition," Singh said on October 14, according to CBC News. "My focus is on this: If you vote New Democrat, you're going to get someone on your side."

While the NDP picked up some steam in the last days of the election, the party ultimately lost 18 seats to end up with 24.

Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives focused their attacks on the possibility of a Liberal-NDP coalition in the final week of the election. 

"It’s clear that a Trudeau-NDP coalition will kill jobs. We can do better, Canada. Let’s elect a Conservative majority to save these jobs and put more money in your pockets!" Scheer wrote on Twitter on October 18.

While a coalition government will not be on the table, the Liberals will have to work with some of the other parties in order to get legislation passed after only securing a minority government.

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