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A List Of Justin Bieber's Crazy Tour Demands Was Just Released And It's Extensive

Justin demands a washing machine, purple carnations, a hover board and a million more things.
A List Of Justin Bieber's Crazy Tour Demands Was Just Released And It's Extensive

Justin Bieber is far from simple. The star never does anything small scale, as evidenced by the huge mansion he recently bought in Canada. But a list of tour demands that was recently revealed proves Justin is more high maintenance than we thought.  

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Though Justin's last tour stop in India was over a year ago, a list of his demands from his time there was recently revealed and they are crazy. 

His first demands were surrounding the hotel he was staying in. The 5-star joint wasn't quite tailored enough to Justin's needs, so he requested the room be re-decorated with antiques and art but even more bizarrely he demanded the room be filled with purple carnations. Yes, literally purple flowers... everywhere. He also demanded linen sheets and fancy yoga equipment be provided. 

The list didn't stop at the hotel, with Justin's dressing room requirements being just as wild. The star needed white curtains hung in the room, a glass door fridge with cream soda and almond milk, and a large variety of snacks including Haribo gummy bears, white cheddar popcorn, white bread and sliced cheese, and PB&J sandwiches. 

While snacks and fancy decor aren't out of the ordinary for stars on tour, Justin did have some more outlandish requests on his list. Among them was his demand for packs of white socks, t-shirts and tank tops, all staple items in Justin's wardrobe. 

But by far the wildest requests of all were the things Justin had flown in from home, like a hoverboard, a ping-pong table, a PlayStation, and even a washing machine. 

Justin was in India in May 2017 as part of his Purpose world tour where he performed in Mumbai. It was his first ever show in India. 

Source: Scribol

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