These Canadian Celebrities Are Showing Their Support For Lilly Singh's New Talk Show

Even Justin Trudeau showed his support!
These Canadian Celebrities Are Showing Their Support For Lilly Singh's New Talk Show

Lilly Singh made history last night when the first episode of her late-night talk show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh aired on NBC. She's officially the first woman of colour to have her own late-night talk show. Amid all the raving reviews from fellow celebs, there were a few that stood out as extra special... because they were Canadian. Singh got all the support she needed from her hometown for the first episode of A Little Late with Lilly Singh. Including the prime minister! 

Justin Trudeau got in on the well-wishing before the show aired last night. He quoted the late-night show's tweet and said, "Good luck tonight, @Lilly! We’ll be watching from north of the border. 🇨🇦 #LateWithLilly." 

Not only did Justin Trudeau root for her last night, but Singh also got a shoutout from Canadian actress Shay Mitchell. She promoted the live YouTube episode on her Instagram story last night where the first episode was available for international fans. 

She mentioned how proud she was of Lilly and that she was actually watching along with us. 

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We all know Giacomo Gianniotti loves Canada, so it's no surprise that he also sent some love Lilly Singh's way. On her post-show Instagram photo, he commented a bunch of heart-eye emoji's! He was just casually spreading some Canadian love. 

Lilly Singh's first episode was a huge success! She had superstar guest Mindy Kaling there to get things going. She also rapped an entire intro, played a hilarious writer's room clip, and made jokes to ease the tension people have been expressing having an LGBTQ+ woman of color hosting a late-night talk show. 

Between her interview with Kaling and her introduction rap, I'd say A Little Late with Lilly Singh is definitely on the right track to becoming even more iconic than Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel. 

A Little Late with Lilly Singh airs every Monday night at 1:35 am!