Lilly Singh’s New Talk Show Is Tied With Ellen’s On Rotten Tomatoes

She's gonna have a mega-successful career!
A Little Late With Lilly Singh

The record-breaking A Little Late with Lilly Singh premiered last month and had all of Canada freaking out. Not only is Lilly Singh currently the only Canadian late-night host, but she's also the first woman of colour to have their own late-night talk show. Talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden better get prepared because next years Emmy award may very well be going home with Singh. 

While praise for the Canadian has been flooding in week after week, Singh just got another pretty big compliment and it came in the form of her Rotten Tomatoes rating. 

While her first season has only just gotten underway, she's already matched her perfect score of 100% with Ellen DeGeneres' ratings for her first season. When do we ever hear of shows getting 100% on Rotten Tomatoes? Besides a few hits on Netflix, the honour from the critic system is actually pretty rare. 

Singh has already welcomed celebrity guests like Mindy Kaling, Natalie Portman, Kal Penn, and America Ferrera over the last few weeks. She also managed to snag a cameo with Justin Trudeau but his appearance was cancelled after his blackface scandal emerged

If we take a look at the first season ratings for other late-night talk shows, Singh's ratings are well above. James Corden, for instance, was given a 96% and Jimmy Kimmel hasn't even been given a rating after 17 seasons.

There were never doubts that Singh would be able to put on a hit show, she has after all been entertaining for years on her YouTube channel, putting on skits and being an insanely talented creator. 

If she is already meeting the ratings Ellen DeGeneres was when she first started, this is truly only the beginning of a mega-successful career for the Canadian.