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Lilly Singh Brought Tegan & Sara On Her Show Last Night For The Ultimate Canadian Episode

Tegan and Sara are sister goals!
Lilly Singh Brought Tegan & Sara On Her Show Last Night For The Ultimate Canadian Episode

When Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh announced that she would be starting a late-night show, you could practically feel the excitement in the air. The 31-year-old has years of experience in the entertainment industry behind her, over which she's built up a seriously impressive fan base that only continues to get bigger. A Little Late with Lilly Singh premiered on September 16 of this year with special guests Mindy Kailing and Rainn Wilson of The Office. Singh has been very public about wanting to make her show as inclusive as possible, which to her means that plenty of women and people of colour should be included. Audiences have been seriously impressed with the show so far, and last night's episode was no exception! A Little Late with Lilly Singh welcomed Canadian singers Tegan & Sara.

As a Canadian woman herself, it's important for Singh to make sure that she's also representing other Canadians on her show, along with POC and women, and who better to do that than Calgary's own Tegan & Sara? The twin sisters have been making music together for years, and have become quite well-known in the Canadian pop music world. The pair recently celebrated their 39th birthday back in September, and they talked all about it on A Little Late last night.

It's not totally unheard of for family members to forget one another's birthdays from time to time, but somehow, Tegan totally forgot to get Sara a present for their birthday this year. Sara didn't seem to be too upset though, and it makes for a pretty funny story!

Over the past few weeks, fans of Singh and the show have been raving about just how awesome A Little Late is - more specifically, the diverse and amazing group of guests that Singh is able to bring on to her show.

[rebelmouse-image 25950416 photo_credit="A Little Late With Lilly Singh | YouTube" expand=1 original_size="1140x416"]

[rebelmouse-image 25950417 photo_credit="A Little Late With Lilly Singh | YouTube" expand=1 original_size="1806x164"]

"Lilly is securing GREAT guests. How is she doing this?", asked one viewer. "Tbh I don't know who most of Lilly's guests are. I watch it just for Lilly... but Daamn her guests are all so good!!", added another.

New episodes of A Little Late with Lilly Singh air from Monday to Thursday every week at 12:35 p.m. ET. Tonight's guest is Meghan Trainor, and Thursday's will be America Ferrera. Be sure to tune in to Global to get your Lilly fix.

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