Taking and sharing pictures on your phone is almost second nature for most people but even then we all have photos we don't want people to see. 

Unfortunately for Samsung users, you may not have a choice in who sees your private photos. According to reports, a bug in the messaging app is randomly sending photos to people's contacts without their permission. 

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There is apparently a major issue in Samsung's default texting app and it is really scary. Some users are saying their phone sent not only one or two photos, but their entire camera roll to various contacts. 

In a Reddit thread, one user said his Samsung S9+ sent his entire gallery to his girlfriend but the worst part was he didn't even know about it until she told him because there was no record of the messages on his phone. People responding to the thread are both concerned and very disturbed. 

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Many people have also been complaining about it Samsung's official forums that their phones did the same thing. So far all of the reports have been from people who have the S9 and S9+. 

A spokesperson from Samsung told The Verge that they are aware of the reports and their technical teams are looking into the issue. 

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If Samsung users are worried about protecting their personal photos and files, they can go into settings and block their messaging app from accessing the phone's storage.