Most days, I'd give anything to be Taylor Swift. She's beautiful, talented and has the voice of an angel - but on days like today, there's no way I'd ever want to be in her shoes.

Late on Thursday night, an intruder broke into Taylor's New York apartment. The 22-year-old man broke into her home by allegedly climbing up a ladder and smashing one of her windows with his hand. 

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According to Cosmopolitan, someone did call the police during the break-in, police did not arrive on the scene until after he managed to take a shower in Taylor's bathroom and he even managed to sneak in a catnap. 

Oh, and this isn't his first time breaking into Taylor's home. Theis is the second time he's been caught at her apartment. According to reports, he was arrested at the same apartment back in February after he's broken down Taylor's front door with a shovel. 

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Thankfully, Taylor wasn't at the residence either time - but it's still terrifying to think about. The NYPD charged the man with stalking, burglary, criminal mischief and trespassing.