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A Canadian Man Stole A Police Patrol Cruiser And Drove It 170 Kilometres In A Single Hour

A male suspect has been arrested after stealing an SQ patrol car early this morning.

Early this morning, Quebec provincial police dove into an hour-long pursuit of a stolen vehicle. A stolen vehicle that was, unfortunately, their own patrol car. The officers were undoubtedly stunned when the unnamed thief smashed the window of the cruiser, hopped in and took off.

At around 5:30 AM, the Sûreté du Québec were called to a home just east of Quebec City, after receiving reports of an alarm going off. CBC reports that a male suspect stole the marked SQ cruiser and drove it to another municipality - 170 kilometres away.

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Local and provincial police forces were enlisted for help, to intercept the suspect from riding off into the sunrise with the stolen cop car.

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But, the suspect eventually decided to drop the car off in a restaurant parking lot off of Highway 40. SQ authorities have yet to release the suspect's identity, but have confirmed that he has been arrested and taken to hospital for evaluation.

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Source: CBC