A Man Stole His Ex Girlfriend's Toilet After She Broke Up With Him And The Story Is Bizarre AF

A breakup of seriously epic proportions involving a stolen toilet.

If you’ve ever had a bad break up, you may have had the urge to smash up your ex’s stuff.

It’s not right, but it’s a completely understandable reaction to have when a relationship comes to an end.

Well, one man took things to another level when he and his now ex-girlfriend broke up. He stole her toilet. 

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Literally, the whole thing, straight out of the bathroom.

According to a Reddit post by "Shelblikadoo," she and her now ex-boyfriend broke up and his immediate response was to rip out her toilet.

According to the post, she went to sleep while he packed up all his stuff and prepared to leave their shared apartment.

He also decided to take the toilet. But, there is a bit of a backstory about what led him to make that bizarre choice.

The toilet broke at one point during their relationship, and instead of calling the landlord to deal with it, "Shelkikadoo" says she got her then-boyfriend, who is a licenced plumber according to her, to fix it. 

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The boyfriend then would bring up the fact that he had fixed it all the time whenever they argued, she says.

"He's thrown it in my face ever since,” she wrote replying to one comment, "every little dispute we had it was, 'you're gonna be like that after I put so much money in this apartment?'"  

You can see a photo of where the toilet was before it was taken below.  

I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep while he was packing and he stole my toilet. https://t.co/rdBPs690OS

August 15, 2018

The first words out of his mouth when she broke up with him were “I’m taking the f**ing toilet,” says "Shelblikadoo."

Clearly, he was not kidding.