It's almost our favorite time of the year again - Halloween! With Oct. 31 right around the corner, we're ready to start the horror film binge-watching immediately. Next month this movie theater in Tucson, Arizona will be showing 12 straight hours of classic horror films! 

On Sept. 28 at 7:00 p.m. the Loft Cinema will host a scary movie marathon night that will make you wish it was Halloween already. Since it's like a cinematic sleepover you'll be able to bring your pillow and wear your favorite pajamas. You'll also get to see special trailers, participate in eerie trivia games, buy spooky drink specials, and purchase delicious "meat cups." 

If you love horror films, but get squeamish you'll also be able to get a collectible barf bag to cherish and use every year. The lucky seven movies that will be shown are Killer Klowns from Outer Space (35 mm print), Re-Animator, Halloween II, [REC]2, Night of the Demons 1988 (35 mm print), Pirhana (2010), and Zombie 1979 (35 mm print). 

Tickets for this spooky movie marathon are $17 per person or $15 for loft members. Movie start times are approximate, so plan ahead. 

While you're watching the horror classics you can purchase all sorts of food and drinks such as tamales, pizza, popcorn, nachos, wine, beer and more!

When there isn't an event going on you can purchase tickets for regular showings for $9.75 each. Throughout the year there are special screenings where you can even come in costume!

This horror movie fest is perfect for a night out with friends, or even a date night idea. 

The All Night Scream-O-Rama!

Price: $17 general admission or $15 for loft members

Location: 3233 East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85716

Why you should go: You will be able to watch 12 hours of classic horror films! As a bonus, you can wear your pajamas too.


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