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A Classic MuchMusic Account Popped Up On Instagram & It's Making Canadians Nostalgic

So many memories of waiting for a song that would never come on!

Remember MuchMusic? Sure, it might just be known as 'Much' now, but back in the day, it was the only way to see some of your favorite artists on the screen. That's right, we're talking pre-YouTube days. Talk about a throwback! Now, anyone feeling nostalgic for their favorite Canadian music channel can visit the MuchMusic Archives Instagram account, a place where VJs still warm our hearts, and our favorite acts from the 90s and 2000s are fondly remembered.

There are plenty of photos to take fans back to the glory days of MuchMusic. Who could ever forget our boy Rick "The Temp" Campanelli interviewing Britney Spears? Dig those frosted tips!

Even Rick himself was feeling nostalgia for this moment!

Speaking of VJs, who could forget Devon Soltendieck? He might have come to the channel later, but he warmed our hearts just the same.

If you want to go even further back, there's photos of former electric Circus host Monika Deol, rocking some huge pearls!

Let's not leave out all of the amazing musicians and stars who stopped by the station either! Alexisonfire always made it a point to pay a visit to MuchMusic back in the day.

There was also Sum 41, looking handsome as ever in this photo:

Of course, it wouldn't be a trip down MuchMusic Memory Lane without also remembering when people like the Backstreet Boys showed up!

There are plenty of other amazing photos on the account's feed that will have people recalling the days of Much On Demand, Much News, and even Punch Much! 

Don't worry, though, we saved the best for last. The page also pays tribute to two of the all time greats. First is the Fromage-Hosting, Trash-Talking, Cigar-Chomping Ed The Sock:

And of course, with a doot-doodle-oot-doot, we pay tribut to Nardwuar, the Human Serviette!

So how do people feel about all of these memories coming back? After the Instagram account was mentioned on the Canada subreddit, some people shared their own MuchMusic memories:

Living deep in the era of streaming video and music, it's easy to forget how important MuchMusic was, especially to young Canadians. It was the channel that could introduce you to something new, or randomly throw on your favorite video just when you needed it. 

Music videos might not hold the same sort of awe-inspiring glow that they used to, but Canadian millennials will never forget the days of tuning into MuchMusic and just enjoying the ride.