This Cube Cabin In Ontario Is So Adorable You'll Never Want To Go Back To The City

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A Muskoka Cabin For Rent Is So Adorable You'll Never Want To Go Back To The City

The list of reasons to visit Muskoka is seemingly never-ending. And with so much to see and do in this gorgeous part of the province, you’ll want somewhere to stay overnight. Well, lucky for you, we’ve found the cutest little cube-sized Muskoka cabin for rent in the woods, and it’s sure to make all of your Ontario glamping dreams come true. 

Located in Huntsville, Ont., this cozy little nook is totally off the grid, making it the perfect place to just unwind and unplug for a weekend escape. 

While power is available for lights and charging your phone, it is completely dependant on the sun's solar power and so is not guaranteed.

So, make sure you bring plenty of flashlights for backup. 

Honestly, though, this place is worth it for the aesthetics alone.

During the day, you'll be basking in daylight through the stunning floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

Situated atop a cliff, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking sunset views, rolling hills, and beautiful bodies of water.

It’s hard to believe that this secluded spot is only eight minutes away from Huntsville’s Main Street, so you can still take in all of those Muskoka activities.

So if you need a break from the hustle, why not give this place a try? Be warned: you may never want to leave.

Since the small space has no kitchen and only includes a BBQ, kettle, and a hot plate, you’ll likely end up eating out a lot during your stay. 

Luckily, Huntsville is full of adorable nearby cafes and delicious restaurants you to try.

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But, honestly, the thought of cozying up by the indoor wood-burning fire with a bag of chips and a bottle of pinot sounds pretty appealing too.

With just enough room for two, this space is an ideal romantic getaway for you and bae this winter. Or in any season, really.

And at $165 a night, the two of you could stay for just $82.50 each, which is not too shabby. 

Though, if you plan on staying this winter, it’s important to note that winter tires will likely be required to access this off-grid oasis.

There's also no running water and while drinking water may be provided, it's best to come prepared.

But if you're looking for that tucked-away-in-secret vibe, you've found your place.

Aux Box Muskoka

Price Per Night: $165

Address Or Neighbourhood: Huntsville, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can unplug for a romantic weekend escape at this simply charming glamping cube in the woods. 

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