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A New 'American Horror Story' Cast Member Was Just Revealed, And Some People Aren't Happy About It

Some fans are saying the "American Horror Story" creator doesn't care about talent or diversity.
A New 'American Horror Story' Cast Member Was Just Revealed, And Some People Aren't Happy About It

Yesterday, show creator Ryan Murphy dropped HUGE news about the new season of American Horror Story. Fans had been eagerly awaiting word on the ninth season, but the reveal of a new cast member disappointed many. In an Instagram post, Murphy announced Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy will play Emma Roberts' boyfriend in the upcoming season. The internet was soon ablaze with criticism. It seems many AHS fans are over "hot white guys."

Gus Kenworthy is a British-born American freestyle skier. He competed in both the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics, winning a silver medal in the former. Obviously, he's mega competent on the slopes, but his acting resume leaves something to be desired. Aside from a few appearances on reality TV shows, Kenworthy has no experience to speak of. "Gus Kenworthy being cast in the next American Horror Story is proof, once again, that Ryan Murphy prefers pretty over talent," one fan tweeted. 

Another fan tweeted he believed Murphy's primary qualification for male AHS cast members "has nothing to do with acting at this point" and "he just wants hot white guys he can get to show their asses." Other fans are dismayed with the show's lack of diversity in its casting decisions. "Truly inspiring work by Ryan Murphy to promote diversity on his progrums [sic] by casting a hot white guy with LIGHT brown hair this time," a fan tweeted. 

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Kenworthy isn't letting the negative reactions get him down. He reshared Murphy's announcement post on his own Instagram account and wrote: "I'm So F***ing Shook" in the caption. The skier turned actor emphasized each word with the clapping hands emoji.  No word yet on a release date for season nine of American Horror Story, but we're interested to see if the cold slopes have prepared Kenworthy for the icy characters Emma Roberts often plays. 

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