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A New Bridge Across The Canada-US Border Is Being Built

Plans for the Gordie Howe International Bridge are underway.
A New Bridge Across The Canada-US Border Is Being Built

This article was originally published in June 2018.

You would think that during the trade war between Canada and the US, the last thing on anyone's mind would be opening more border crossings. But that is exactly what Canada is doing. 

The country is well on their way to building a new bridge across the US border after they announced today which companies would actually be building it. 

The new bridge is going to be called the Gordie Howe International Bridge. The name in itself should be enough to represent a good relationship between the two players since Gordie Howe was an iconic Canadian hockey player, who was on an American team. 

The bridge will go from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit Michigan. That's another factor that makes the name perfect since Gordie Howe played on the Detroit Red Wings for 26 seasons. 

The Detroit-Windsor Bridge Authority, which is a Canadian government corporation, decided that the people building the bridge would be a group called Bridging North America. This group is made up of a number of different Canadian companies like AECOM, Fluor's Canadian unit, and RBC Dominion Securities. 

The project is being entirely financed by Canada but it has the support of the governor of Michigan and other important American officials. 

Currently, the only two border crossings between Winsor and Detroit are the Ambassador Bridge, which is the busiest crossing and a major channel for trade between Canada and the US, and the Tunnel which is the second busiest crossing between the two countries.

Source: Bloomberg

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