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A New Limited Edition Toonie Is Now In Circulation In Canada (PHOTO)

There are only 3 million of the Canadian Armistice 2018 coins out there.
A New Limited Edition Toonie Is Now In Circulation In Canada (PHOTO)

Keep an eye on your change. A brand new limited edition $2 Canadian coin is now in circulation. 

The coin was minted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I this year. There are two different versions of the coin - one with colour on it and another that's just plain, but still features the new design. 

The brand new coins are already out in circulation, meaning you could end up with one of these limited edition collectables in your change one day so you'll want to keep your eyes peeled. 

Here's what to look for in your change. In order to commemorate the end of the war, the Armistice, the coins feature a historic soldier's helmet, the word Armistice, and a poppy engraved into their face. On some of the coins, the poppies are red, making it easy to spot in your wallet. 

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They are truly limited edition though, meaning they'll be incredibly hard to come by. Only 3 million of the commemorative coins were even made in the first place, 2 million of them coloured and only 1 million plain. 

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With such a small number of the special coins out there, chances of you getting one are kind of slim. At only 3 million produced, there are barely even enough for the entire population of Toronto let alone Canada. So if you get your hands on one, don't go spending it again. 

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Even buying a roll of the coins from the mint will be impossible. Mixed rolls of 25 of the limited edition coins, which they were selling for $80 each, are already completely sold out and since they only made 10,000 of the rolls they won't be coming back in stock any time soon. 

Source: NewsWire