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A New Movie Is Being Shot In Toronto About Legalizing Cannabis And The Cast Is 100% Canadian

The Canadian based story is being directed by a Winnipeg local.
A New Movie Is Being Shot In Toronto About Legalizing Cannabis And The Cast Is 100% Canadian

Cannabis laws in Canada are changing this year and it seems like some people are more excited than others. On October 17th, cannabis will be legal to consume both recreationally and medically in Canada, meaning that the illegal market for street dealers will no longer be necessary for adults over the age of 19. 

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While businesses have been gearing up to sell cannabis, others are mostly just excited about being able to buy the greenery without having to contact a street dealer. So much so, one Winnipeg man decided that the story of "black market" weed dealers had to be told. 

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Geordie Sabbagh decided to create a film around the story of a boutique weed dealer, played by Canadian actress Jessica Salgueiro of "Workin' Moms", and the struggles that ensue when pot becomes legal in Canada. The movie will be called "Canadian Strain", which is both a play on the struggle Salgueiro's character faces and different strains of cannabis. 

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The film is currently shooting in Toronto and Sabbagh is actually being honoured at the city's International Film Festival this year in the rising star category. 

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April 16, 2016

The films stars have been confirmed as Canadians only, which makes total sense considering the story is based around the countries next steps in making cannabis legal. 

Colin Mochrie, a Scottish born Canadian known for "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" will be playing the dealers father, while Naomi Snieckus, known for playing Bobbi in "Mr.D"will be playing the high-strung business partner at the boutique. 

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Other Canadians, like Natalie Brown from "The Strain", Benjamin Ayres from "Saving Hope", and Dion Johnstone from "Star Falls" and "Josie And The Pussycats" are also signed onto the cast for the film. 

While there is no confirmed date for the film's premiere, this Canadian comedy film is sure to be a hilarious hit. 

We're just going to be patiently waiting until we can see this one on the big screen. 

Source: CP24