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Texans Have A Lot To Say About The New Border Wall That Was Just Built In El Paso

An organization called We Build The Wall, built a wall.
Texans Have A Lot To Say About The New Border Wall That Was Just Built In El Paso

You don't hear much crazy stuff about El Paso, Texas, but yesterday, something taking place in the city was a big deal. A nonprofit known as "We Build The Wall" began construction on Friday, May 24, and three days later, completed a one-mile stretch of border wall on Memorial Day.

This all started back in December 2018—a very complicated, chaotic time. The whole "to-build-the-wall-or-not-build-the-wall" discussion got so intense the government had to shutdown to focus on finding a solution. Trump wanted funding for the wall and Democrats didn't want to give it to him. It was a whole ordeal. But amist the feuding politicians, a GoFundMe emerged from a small corner of the internet by tripe-amputee war veteren Brian Kolfage.

Kolfage, founder of We The Build The Wall, asked for money to fund a wall on the southern border. And they raised a lot. Like, over $22 million. It started about just getting the wall funded and expanded until the organization decided to build the wall themselves. 

And yesterday, the organization did just that. On private land, using private donations, the wall connects two 21-mile sections of existing fence for an estimated $6-8 million, according to a source for CNN. This section of the border is known to be the worst smuggling route on the entire border, according to Kolfage.

Many people were thrilled.

Next step... seceding? 

Some see its potential in decreasing the rate of sex trafficking.

Others are skeptical about the private organization.

Some wonder, is it just a glorfied white-picked fence?

There's still a lot of uncertainty in the air about the logistics of it. But Kolfage did say he plans to sell to wall to the government for just $1. Now that's a deal.

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