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A New Species Of Dinosaur Was Just Discovered In Canada

The creature was about the same size as a giraffe!
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A New Species Of Dinosaur Was Just Discovered In Canada

Long before humans were roaming the Earth, it was home to a variety of other creatures, including dinosaurs. While we may think we know a bit about the original reptiles, it turns out that there are still unknown species that scientists are discovering to this day. In the latest discovery, a new species of dinosaur was just discovered in Canada. 

According to CBC, fossils that have been collected by paleontologists for decades throughout Alberta's Dinosaur Provincial Park have now been identified as a new species of dinosaur called the Crydrakon boreas, which is part of the pterosaur family. 

The new species was announced in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology on Tuesday and translates to "frozen dragon of the north wind". The creature would have been about as tall as a giraffe when it roamed the Earth during the Age of Dinosaurs. Yet unlike a giraffe, it could fly. 

The new species was said to have been around 250 kilograms with long legs and a short body, with wings that stretched out about 10 meters. 

What's even crazier, is it's not much smaller than the largest pterosaur that has ever been discovered, which had a wingspan of about 12 meters. 

In addition to flying, the creature would have walked around on all fours when on the ground, something that is much different from the two-legged winged-animals that walk around the Earth today. 

This new species would have lived around 77 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period where Alberta would have been home to dinosaurs such as the Albertasaurus and Chasmosaurus. 

Amazingly, this isn't the first ground-breaking discovery about dinosaurs that have been discovered on Canadian soil. 

Earlier this year, paleontologists discovered the biggest T-Rex ever recorded in Saskatchewan. The dinosaur, which was named Scotty, measured in at 13 meters long and would have weighed 8800 kilograms. 

While it is unclear if the Crydrakon boreas fossils will be up for display for Canadians to see anytime soon, Canadians can see the world's largest T-Rex at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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