Have you ever loved a brand so much that you just had to rep it in your home? From their witty social media presence to their reasonably priced items, it’s no secret that No Name brand is popular among Canadians. But one Canadian in particular recently took his appreciation to whole new heights with a hilarious home decor DIY. And trust us, the results are totally off the hinge!

After growing tired of staring at his plain white door, Mason Macdonald decided it was time for a glow up.

So he grabbed some yellow and black paint and got to work, sharing his work on TikTok. 

“I started the project because I love the simplicity of the No Name brand,” Macdonald told Narcity. 

“The two contrasting colours really catch the eye.”

All in all, the door DIY took a full day to complete, and Macdonald said he’s already thinking about future projects. 

“So far, people are really enjoying it. It was unexpected,” Macdonald explained. 

He said a TikTok account named noname.brands commented on his video, but he is not sure whether it's the brand's official account or just another No Name fan like him.

As for future projects, Macdonald is all ears for offers.


shout at to all the other Canadian's who get this. ##fyp ##noname

♬ Way Back Home - Shaun

“I would like to find another Canadian brand to partner with," he says.

As far as DIYs go, this one is right up there with the No Name isolation hair cutting guide, if you ask us.

Macdonald’s door makeover, which he posted on TikTok alongside the caption "shout at (sic) to all the other Canadian's who get this," has over 26,000 views at the time of writing.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there’s plenty of love for No Name in the comments section. 

One user stated: “This is the reason I'm proud to be Canadian.”

While another added: “(No Name) Twitter is my only reason for living tbh.”

We kinda feel them on that one.

After all, earlier this year when the brand launched its very own yellow and black merch, products sold out almost instantly.

Following suit, No Frills, which houses and sells No Name products, recently dropped an auto-tuned rap track about social distancing and honestly, it’s straight fire.

So if you're looking for ways to make your Canadian home a little more Canadian, or you simply need a project to work on at home, we hope this incredible door transformation gives you the inspiration you need. 

Brb, we're off to order some yellow paint. 

No Name, no shame!