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A Brand New Pre-Mixed Caesar Is Coming To The LCBO & It's So Canadian

Perfectly timed for National Caesar Day!
A Pre-Mixed Caesar Drink Made In Canada Is Coming To The LCBO This Week

Bottoms up! A brand new Canadian-made pre-mixed Caesar will soon be hitting LCBO shelves across the province and we literally can’t wait for that first sip. After all, no one knows a good Caesar quite like Canada, eh? 

Brought to you by the same Mississauga-based guys who made the Extreme Bean, a.k.a the perfect Caeser garnish, this new canned cocktail is actually the first totally Canadian-made ready-to-drink Caesar.

Now that’s what we like to hear.

Starting this week, Matt & Steve's Caesar will begin showing up in 200 LCBO stores across the province.

And with National Caesar day set for May 14, the timing literally couldn’t be better.

Not to mention the fact LCBOs have just extended their hours back to 9 p.m. in many locations. Result!

The drink is made with vine-ripe tomatoes, a bunch of herbs and spices, a splash of Extreme Bean brine, and premium vodka from right here in Canada.

Sounds delish!

This canned Caesar took roughly two years to make and has seen over 50 variations, but they’ve finally got it just right.

And considering Matt and Steve started out as bartenders themselves, we feel pretty confident this boozy beverage will be a hit for Caesar-lovers everywhere.

So move over Bloody Mary’s, because it’s Caesar time in Canada bud.

Matt & Steve’s is run by, you guessed it, Matt Larochelle and Steve McVicker, two Ontarians with a simple goal: make the Caesar a little better. 

And according to a blurb on the Mississauga company's website, they did just that. 

“We first tackled the garnish introducing The Extreme Bean with its big flavour and big crunch, it quickly became a favourite among Caesar drinkers,” the blurb reads.

“Our journey took us across Canada sampling thousands of Caesars introducing Canadians to The Extreme Bean.”

The beans were just the start of this journey though, and there were many lessons left to learn.

“We listened to those passionate Caesar drinkers and then Crafted our Matt & Steve’s Caesar rim from a blend of fresh herbs and spices that prepares the palette and enhances the Caesar experience.”

First the garnish, then the rimmer, and now, the drink. Wow.

So if you’re looking for ways to celebrate National Caesar Day, why not get your hands on one of these?

It might just be one of the most Canadian cocktails out there.

*This cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only.

Matt & Steve's Caesar

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Caesars

Address: Various LCBO locations, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can now enjoy a Caesar made for Canadians by Canadians.