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Private Island In Canada Is For Sale And You Can Walk To It During Low Tide

For anybody who loves their privacy, having your own private island to live on would definitely be a dream come true. This private island in Canada is for sale for $1.1 million and you can actually walk to it from the mainland during low tide. Why buy just a house for a little more than $1 million when you can buy one on a private island that's all yours?

Living so far away from other people is not for everybody but if you're the type to enjoy escaping civilization for a while, this private island is perfect.

With tall beautiful trees, stunning sandy beaches and a well-maintained network of walking or riding paths, this island is definitely one of envy.

Plus, it's got the cutest name!

Cranberry Island close enough to the mainland that you could walk between it and the mainland at low tide but it's still far enough away to offer lots of privacy. 

The island is almost 33 acres and is 60 metres, about 200 feet, away from the mainland. 

With elevations of up to 15m on the island, the house sits high on the landscape offering views of the forest and the ocean.  

The house on Cranberry Island, off the southwestern coast of Nova Scotia, is a four-bedroom bungalow with two full bathrooms nestled in the trees.

Originally built in 1979, the 2,600 square foot house has been renovated over the years and is fully finished.

Even though the house could do with a few more modern renovations and some better drapes, with an entire island to yourself basically the only time you'll be spending inside the house is to sleep, especially in the spring and summer.

Nova Scotia is home to a lot of spectacular properties like Cranberry Island and a massive oceanfront home with breathtaking views.

Interestingly, electricity is connected by an underwater cable to the mainland.

There's easy access between the island and the mainland by sailing out of Lockeport, an iconic community roughly 2 hours from Halifax International Airport, with a small or large boat depending on how many people are going across.

While the house isn't massive or completely modernized, it's actually less expensive to buy this house on an island that you'll have all to yourself than it is to buy a penthouse in Ottawa.

This island is an escape into nature while still having everything you need nearby in Lockeport which has all the modern-day infrastructures.

With Cranberry Island you pretty much get the best of both worlds. 

Cranberry Island

Price: 1,175,000 CAD

Address: Cranberry Island, Lockeport, NS B0T 1L0

Description: This private island has stunning sandy beaches, a network of walking or riding paths and a four-bedroom bungalow house nestled in the trees. Plus it's a short trip away from the mainland which you could walk to during low tide.

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