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A Rare Pink Supermoon Will Light Up California's Skies In April

Here's something to look forward to. 💖
A Rare Pink Supermoon Will Light Up California's Skies In April

2020 is finally giving us something to look forward to. Next week, a beautiful phenomenon will light up California's skies. A rare pink supermoon is coming and you can see it on April 7. 

If you've ever wondered how it would feel to see the world through rose-colored glasses, now's your chance to find out. 

So grab a cozy blanket and find a comfy seat in the house (or yard). Why not Skype your friends so you can share the fun together?

The best time to see the moon will be 7:35 p.m. PST when it will reach its full phase.

While it looks close, the Earth's satellite is over 200,000 miles away from us!

It is recommended to wait until the sun has set and then find an unobstructed view. Plus, you'll get a two for one show. Who doesn't want to watch the sunset and then gaze at a starry sky and beautiful moon?

You could also take a drive and watch the show in your car. Just make sure to pick a spot with good visibility.

According to Newsweek, next month's supermoon will not only be the first one of spring, but it's also the biggest and brightest you'll see all year long.

So what causes this phenomenon?

NASA says that a supermoon occurs when the moon is closer to us, thus making it appear larger and (brighter) in the night sky.

When it is closest to us along its uneven orbit, we see it as fourteen percent larger and thirty percent brighter than normal. 

First Peoples in North America named the "pink moon" after the wildflower Phlox subulata that blooms the same time of year. So, unfortunately, the moon does not actually glow bright pink.

But it's still a gorgeous sight to see.

The "pink" supermoon is the second of three in a row that we'll have this year. March gave us the spectacular super worm moon and in May, we can expect to see a gorgeous "flower moon." We're marking our calendars for the next night display.

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