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A Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Will Light Up Skies Across Canada This Weekend

Rare super blood wolf moon eclipse will lit up Canada's skies this weekend on January 20th and 21st, 2019.
A Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Will Light Up Skies Across Canada This Weekend

2019 is already looking a little brighter thanks to a rare total lunar eclipse that will light up Canadian skies this weekend. You'll be able to see a rare super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse all across Canada this upcoming weekend. Who wouldn't want to see a moon eclipse take place in the sky? It sure is a magical way to start the new year. 

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Canadians will, fortunately, get some of the best views of the "super blood wolf moon" and total lunar eclipse. It will be visible across all of North America and South America. It will only be partially visible in Europe and Africa. 

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Make sure to keep your eyes peeled this Sunday night on January 20, 2019. The lunar eclipse will start at 9:36 PM ET, according to The Weather Network. However, the more exciting part starts around 10:34 PM ET, when the first phase of the eclipse takes place and the moon begins to get darker.

The total lunar eclipse doesn't set in until 11:41 PM ET, with the maximum eclipse happening around 30 minutes after at 12:12 AM ET. By 2:48 AM ET on January 21st, the total lunar eclipse will have ended.  

If you're located on the west coast, the super blood wolf moon eclipse will begin at 6:36 PM PST. The first phase will take place at 7:34 PM PST. The total lunar eclipse will happen at 8:41 PM PST. The maximum eclipse will happen at 9:12 PM PST. The eclipse will end by 11:48 PM PST. 

Many of the recent lunar eclipses have not been visible in Canada from start to finish, but Canadians will be able to see this epic super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse from start to finish all across Canada, according to The Weather Network

This unique full lunar eclipse is so rare so you do not want to miss it. If you don't catch it this time around, you'll have to wait several years later to see it again in May 2022, according to The Weather Network. So make sure to set some time aside this Sunday night to experience this spectacular celestial event. 

So how does a total lunar eclipse happen? "A total lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the moon passes directly through the Earth’s shadow, causing it to turn rusty orange or dark red in color," says Accuweather. The eclipse is also taking place during the first supermoon of 2019, which causes the moon to look larger than normal. 

All Canadians will be able to easily watch the total lunar eclipse take place because you don't need any special equipment or tools to see the celestial phenomenon. Unlike a solar eclipse, it’s completely safe to watch with just your eyes. 

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