A Rare Super Blue Moon Eclipse Will Be Visible From Canada This Month

A sight to behold.
A Rare Super Blue Moon Eclipse Will Be Visible From Canada This Month

Yes it’s cold in Canada right now, but there’s a rare moon event happening this month that you’re not going to want to miss.

It’s called a super blue moon eclipse, and it occurs when a supermoon, lunar eclipse and blue moon happen together at the same time. The last time a super blue moon eclipse graced the skies was 152 years ago in 1866, and it happen around very often.

This year, the phenomenon will take place on Jan. 31, when the moon is full and at a position closest to the Earth. These conditions will make the moon a supermoon. Since it is the second full moon of the month, it is also referred to as a blue moon, as usually there is only one full moon per calendar month. The moon will also enter the Earth’s shadow, causing a lunar eclipse. 

According to Science Centre Singapore, the three-in-one moon will give off a coppery red colour, which is characteristic of a total eclipse.

“The red or blood moon is possible because while the moon is in total shadow, light from the sun is filtered through Earth's atmosphere and is bent towards the moon,” Science Centre Singapore explained. As white light from the sun shines through the earth's atmosphere, only red light makes it through, thus giving the moon a red hue.”

The best viewing times for the eclipse are in the evening; first at 7:48 pm for an partial eclipse, then at 8:51 pm for the full eclipse. No special equipment is required for viewing the super blue moon eclipse, but it may be helpful to have binoculars or a telescope. Of course, viewers may also want to keep a camera handy to take photos.

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