A Recent Video Of Cardi B Joking About Rape And Being Transphobic Has Surfaced And Fans Are Pissed

It turns out that it isn't just Offset that is in hot water, Cardi B has managed to get herself in just as much trouble as her boyfriend over the weekend. It all started when Cardi took to her Instagram live to talk about the recent allegations against her rapper beau after he rapped "I do not vibe with queers" on Migos' latest feature on YFN Lucci’s “Boss Life." 

The Bronz rapper started her extremely controversial rant by claiming that it was the LGBTQ+ community's responsibility to educate people that 'queer' was a demeaning term. Claiming that Offset didn't know it was used as offensive slang, and thought it just meant "weird." 

incase you missed it, here is cardi b committing career suicide (part 1.) pic.twitter.com/zYgSsuw8C9

January 21, 2018

part. 2...... pic.twitter.com/CpY00J035a

January 21, 2018

and before Cardi B gets questioned for supporting her fiancé she did say transphobic slurs in a twitter vid and got a small apology for so trash can stay together 🤷🏻‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/O7kEnPm4KH

January 17, 2018