Health Canada and Pfizer Canada are warning Canadians that a shortage of EpiPens across Canada may affect the supply that is available for Canadians in the upcoming months. The company has stated that they will be taking precautions to minimize the impact that this shortage may have on Canadians. Health Canada is advising Canadians who use Epipens to talk to their pharmacist if they have any concerns. 

In a press release, Pfizer Canada, the company that produces the popular EpiPen brand states that while there has been a stable supply of the product over the past year, the company may experience a supply shortage of the EpiPen 0.3 mg format in the next coming months. The EpiPen Jr. (0.15mg) will not be affected during this shortage. 

Pfizer Canada states that they understand how critical life-saving EpiPens are to some patients and confirm that they are working towards ensuring a consistent supply in the future. 

Health Canada says they are hopeful that there will be enough supply to meet the supply of Canadians in the upcoming months. However, they are still preparing for a potential shortage and have put an emergency measure in place in case the shortage starts to affect Canadians. 

According to Health Canada, if the shortage starts to affect Canadians, they will import an international supply of a similar product if needed. 

Auvi-Q, which is approved in the United States is a similar epinephrine auto-injector that provides the same does as an EpiPen. This product will be shipped to Canada if needed in the upcoming months. 

Pfizer has also confirmed that at the moment, EpiPen 0.3 mg products are currently still available and continue to be shipped throughout the nation. Yet, the company states that they are taking precautionary measures and have already begun managing the existing supply to make sure patients across the country still have access to the product. 

While the shortage is expected to take place over the next few months, Pfizer is confident that the shortage will end by October 2019. 

Canadians who currently use these EpiPens are encouraged by Health Canada to talk to their pharmacist or visit if they have any questions.