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A Sketchy Doctor Haunts This Creepy House In South Georgia & We Have Proof

It's spooky season, so grab your paranormal gear and put on your brave face because The Peach State is chock full of famously haunted mayhem. There's plenty of haunted houses in Georgia to keep you busy and put you in the best Halloween spirit yet. Previously owned by a con artist and doctor, this creepy house haunts the hills of south Georgia and you should definitely check out in person.

The Bell House, an old home nestled among the streets of Valdosta, has been renovated twice to house both a restaurant and a bed and breakfast throughout the years. Countless visitors and employees have reported hearing strange sounds and experiencing supernatural encounters, such as impressions in the beds in which no one was lying and sounds of non-existent dogs barking.

Dr. David S. Bell, who is spookily untraceable on the Internet, was a medical practioner and businessman known for creating a magical cure-all elixir back in The Great Depression era. He and his traveling medicine tent roamed the local streets, claiming to hold the key to wellness. The jack-of-all-trades con artist also created a tonic that he claimed brought the dead back to life. 

His manipulative ways were known in the community (he created a chain letter scheme to collect fear-based payments from gullible citizens) and his passing in the 1960s did not conclude his evil presence.

There have been several reports of indistinguishable sounds and chilling sights of his spirit roaming his former residence turned public establishment. Some employees, who had never known or even heard of Dr. Bell, reported encounters that were later found to be an exact match of Dr. Bell's traits.

Word spread of the haunting of Bell House, leading to a parapsychology professor and his students investigating for paranormal activity; the results were chilling.

They used EMF devices to track electromagnetic energy (using milligauss as a measurement) that indicate the level of paranormal activity in a space. A normal range of milligauss is less than two, whereas the amount at the Bell House was reported at over 185. One student reported feeling a presence pressing down on her and another reported smelling cigar smoke. 

Do you dare step foot in the home where Dr. Bell (and maybe others of his kind) are proven to dwell? If so, visit the "Peach Room", where most of the strange encounters were reported. As of now, there are no known tours of the abandoned home, restaurant and B&B, but you can spectate at your own risk.

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The Bell House

Price: Free!

Address: 500 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31601

Why You Need To Go: The experience spooky chills of a lifetime in this abandoned house, proven haunted by its dead owner.