We all know what a meteor shower is, but the chances of us having actually seen one is slim to none. They're pretty rare and even when it's predicted one is coming, there's always the chance that Mother Nature will get in the way. Now, with the first meteor shower headed to the eastern United States in months tonight, Jul. 29, that will continue into the morning of Jul. 30, we are all crossing our fingers that absolutely nothing gets in the way of seeing this spectacle! 

According to AccuWeather, most of Texas is considered to be a good spot as far as viewing conditions to see the meteor shower tonight. Not all of the U.S. is as lucky as us, as many states won't have as good of a view of the shower. But hey, what's a short drive to your neighboring state? Neil deGrasse Tyson would argue that it's minuscule in the grand scheme of things. 

As long as clouds don't get in the way, we can expect to see 20 to 25 meteors per hour as soon as dusk hits. That'll be the first time in a while that we've had as good of a chance as this to view meteors raining down from the sky. The aftermath is almost as incredible as what happens during a shower, so have those cameras and/or telescopes, ready.

Because of a new moon approaching in the next few days, this is an especially good time to view such a spectacle. According to AccuWeather, this means that there will be a very small amount of natural light pollution. What's good for our skies is ultimately good for us! There's always room for light pollution to happen from other sources, but at least with the new moon approaching this means there'll be less. This just keeps getting better!

If you miss out on the meteor shower tonight, don't worry! There's another one approaching in August, and it's supposed to be one of the best and most popular that people wait all year long to see. Mark your calendars for the Perseids on August 12! Grab your bestie or S/O for a night of stargazing and enjoying the wonders of Earth.