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A Super Rare Albino Raccoon Was Just Spotted In Ontario (PHOTO)

A super rare albino raccoon was just spotted in Ontario and it's actually adorable.
A Super Rare Albino Raccoon Was Just Spotted In Ontario (PHOTO)

We are used to our fair share of raccoons around Ontario, I mean they practically are all over the place. This one was a shock, though - a super rare albino raccoon was just spotted in Ontario. The all-white "trash panda" was spotted by a resident in Seaforth, near London, Ontario. Despite the fact that raccoons are often considered pests and can be super vicious, this one actually looks adorable. 

Tracy Nash, who lives in Seaforth, first saw the raccoon outside her window on Thursday morning. Because of the colour, she thought it was an opossum but when she got closer she realized it was an actually an albino raccoon. 

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Unlike the raccoons we are used to seeing, this raccoon doesn't have a grey body, the black "eye mask", or even a striped tail. Instead, he is all white, or more accurately a creamy off-white colour, even on his hands and feet. This is because of albinism, a condition that affects both humans and animals. 

Albinism is a rare enough genetic condition in humans, affecting about 1 in 20,000 in the US. It's even rarer in raccoons though. In fact, only 1 in 750,000 raccoons has albinism. That's why Tracy Nash feels so lucky that she managed to capture pictures of the raccoon. 

She shared the photos and even a video with CTV London and even if you hate raccoons, it's hard to deny that this little one is pretty darn cute. 

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Albino raccoons are definitely rare, but coincidentally a Twitter account called @raccooons just shared a video of another one this past Wednesday, just one day before the albino raccoon was spotted in London. 

OK so apparently I need to own an albino RacoonBut I know this now.and the emptiness is killing me

January 24, 2019

As cute as they may be though, it's important to remember that in some cases wild raccoons can be super bold or aggressive. The Toronto Wildlife Foundation warns people never to feed raccoons as that makes them less afraid of humans and puts you at risk for getting bit or scratched.