A Super Rare Sighting Of Mercury Will Be Visible Across Canada Tonight

A Super Rare Sighting Of Mercury Will Be Visible Across Canada Tonight

In Canada, we're lucky to experience lots of natural wonders close to home. Take the Northern Lights for example! Those magical dances of light in the skies are an unbelievable sight that we can actually see right here in Canada. 

But one thing that most Canadians and most people across the world can't see very often is planets in our solar system. It's extremely rare to see Mercury from Earth since it orbits so closely to the sun and is the smallest and fastest-moving planet. 

Today, Wednesday, February 27th, the position of Mercury will change slightly so that we'll be able to spot it over Earth! 

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Mercury is a stunning planet as you can see from these photos taken above! Mercury can only be seen above Earth 13 times each century which makes this a very rare occurrence. 

Today, Mercury will 18 degrees from the sun which is high enough for the Western parts of the world to spot it which includes North America, South America, and Africa. This event is called the Transit of Mercury and won't happen again until 2032! 

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Via National Geographic, Youtube

The Transit of Mercury can be spotted either at sunrise and sunset for today only! Mercury is one of the 5 planets that you don't need a telescope to see which is pretty amazing. This means you can just walk out your door and look closely at the sky at sunset tonight and see if you can spot it. 

We do recommend heading to the nearest observatory though to get the best view through their high-tech telescopes. This is how you'll be able to get some amazing photos of the rare event. 

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